28000 miles to MS

The long way home

The looong way home

Our moderately roundabout route from Virginia to north MS will include stops in some of the most famous cities in the world (Paris, Beijing, Bangkok, Istanbul), as well as some of the most remote locations on earth (sooo looking forward to trekking in Nepal!). One of the hardest parts of the journey was choosing where to go. It is such a big world, and the budget will only stretch so far – unfortunately.  Oh yeah, I plan to post all costs associated with this journey.  You can find them under the Financial category on the right.  Typing that here makes it seem official.  Hold me to it!

The routes in red above are flights, blues are overland. – ALaff

2 thoughts on “28000 miles to MS

  1. Tran ngoc dung

    I am a fisherman who came from a coastal area of Hoi An Viet Nam. I want you to set foot here you will have a tour of the local ecology and characterized the people here , you will experience and practice as a people do really with the way fishing or boating and special baskets here we have coconut forest history and the fascinating historical imprint of its people . Welcom to Hoi An Eco Green Tour .

    1. 4laffs Post author

      Thanks for the contact Tran! Tran flagged us down on our bike ride and offered to take us on a round-boat tour of Coconut Island. We are glad we followed him, as it was one of our favorite activities in Hoi An. Highly recommended!

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