Why Travel?

Deep breath… About 6 months ago, K and I decided that it was time for serious change – again. We would not only abandon our current house and job (like the last 6 times), but we would also leave our comfort zones and our country for distant shores and different strokes. We have been wrestling with when to tell my bosses and most of our friends that we would be leaving in September for a 7-month global adventure. This weekend was our 18th wedding anniversary, and today we made our decision. They will start finding out right now.

On August 31, 2015 we will leave for Stockholm, the first stop on a slow tour of selected cities in Sweden, France, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Greece, and Italy.  We have put together this site to record our adventures, provide our kids a place to keep an electronic journal, and to use as needed for cheap therapy. – ALaff

20 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Lezlee Kramer

    Soooo EXCITING!!! Can’t wait to hear all about the travels! Love all y’all and wish you wonderful adventures.

    Lezlee, Karen & Michael

  2. Charles Wright

    Andrew, man you always were an interesting dude! May God protect and bless you and your family on this adventure.

    1. 4laffs Post author

      Thanks Rev Charles. Float one up to the Big Guy for us every so often. We definitely appreciate it!

  3. Jacqueline D. George

    So happy for you and the family and look forward to hearing of your adventures. The best to all….love cuz jackie

  4. Debbie Moore

    Andrew & Karen,
    Only you guys would think to do something like this. What an awesome adventure for you and the kids. Prayers are with you for safe travels and great adventures! Look forward to seeing your posts and pictures.

    1. 4laffs Post author

      Hi Debbie! We were inspired by a lot of other wierdos on the web, and the timing was right. Thanks for the prayers. Keep ’em coming!

  5. Robin

    I love to see you following your dreams! What an awesome adventure that will give you all a lifetime of great memories! Unschooling at it’s finest! Love you all and I’ll be watching all your travels 🙂

  6. Chris Hall

    That is so cool! I see you have Vietnam on your list. I was there last year and had a blast!! We started in Hanoi and went south to Hoi Anh and worked our way north to Da Nang, Hue, Dong Ha, Khe Sanh, Lao Bao. I want to go back and see Saigon. I will say this, visiting other countries and seeing other cultures will change you in ways you would never expect. Take in these other cultures you visit and don’t hold back. Be careful and stay safe and my prayers are with you and your family.

    1. 4laffs Post author

      Wow. Great list Chris! We have Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Hoi Anh, and Saigon on our list. And yep, seeing it is only a small part of what we hope to gain from the experience. 🙂

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