FFFOOOOODD!! – by Anna


My absolute favorite subject. I am going to start in Sweden. The food in Sweden was not my favorite. That’s all I am going to say about that, so let’s get on to the good stuff.

France’s food is AMAZING!! There are bakeries on pretty much every corner. The baguettes are baked fresh every day. My favorite sandwich (France is famous for it’s sandwiches) is the cheese and tomato. Not like cold cheese and tomato, but warmed-up sun-dried tomatoes, and where the cheese is all melty, and the bread is hot, and maybe some of that pesto sauce… mmmmmmm…. And the bakeries don’t just sell sandwiches, but all kinds of desserts. They have pain au chocolats, eclairs, merangues, brownies, little almond cake things, tiramisu, lemon custard, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, pistachio cake, croissants with almonds on top… the list could literally go on FOREVER.

Now on to China. I LOVE CHINESE FOOD!! I still like french food better, but anyway. Chinese-Chinese food is waaayyyy better than American-Chinese food. We ate at the same restaurant 15 out of the 16 days we were in Yangshou. My favorite dish is the tomato and egg with soy sauce (I think it was soy sauce anyway). Especially when you mix it with fried rice, DELICIOUS. The Chinese also have really good dumplings. All kinds of dumplings. They have every thing from mixed veggies to jelly filled. And I have to admit, when we went to this dumpling all you can eat buffet I did try the goldfish one :). It tasted like chicken, of course.

And last but not least (well now that I think about it, yeah, I guess it is least… except maybe Swedish food… yeah Swedish food is worse), Vietnam. In Vietnam, most of the restaurant food is just Ramen noodles with vegetables. The reasons I say Vietnamese food is better than Swedish food are because of this one soup called Phở (it is DELICIOUS), and because of all the markets everywhere. In the markets there is this one fruit I really like. I can’t pronounce the name because it’s in Vietnamese, but it looks like a red spike ball. – Editor’s note: Rambutan –  It tastes somewhere between a melon and a grape. It doesn’t taste like anything I have ever had before, and it’s kinda hard to peel, with one big seed in the middle.

So now that I have made everyone jealous of the French, I am going to say goodbye. Goodbye. –SLaff

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