France Costs

Away from Europe for a while, here are the costs now for our 27 days in Paris, 13 in Normandy, and the roll-up including Stockholm.  Of course, I have a bit of a smile right now at how close my projections were to the real thing.  China, on the other hand, may break the budget altogether.  More on that later.  For now, here are the costs and a few details:

Costs to date - France

Getting Here – $121 was the cost for 4 flights from Stockholm to Paris.  Super cheap, air travel is now by far a cheaper and faster way to get around Europe than by train.  Ryanair tickets were only $30 each, but it was truly budget travel.  Forget to print your own boarding pass before arrival at the airport = $50 charge.

Misc – Items here include stocking up on a few household items, the Paris Metro Shakedown, and the ups and downs of Ole Miss Football – watching the Rebs overturn Bama, just before tripping all over themselves at Florida.  Luckily, the Memphis game was not available on our service.

-ALaff 10/27/15

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