Gành Đỏ

We spent days 88 through 102 in a small fishing village (population approximately 1500) on the coast of Vietnam — about thirty steps from the front door landed our toes in the surf. When planning the trip, we thought a couple of scheduled breaks along the way would be a good idea.  This break allowed us to watch the waves every day while observing life round us.  This village is small and very poor.  Children played outside most of the day — meaning their families could not pay for the local school.  We had the choice of 2 restaurants or buying a meal from a neighbor to be delivered at 5:30 pm.  We did try cooking one night, but decided that (besides eggs for breakfast) cooking was not really worth the effort.  Cooking meant going to the market for meat and veggies every morning before seven and cleaning up afterwards.  Who wants to do this when meal delivery costs a mere 300000 dong for the entire family?  We walked to one of the two restaurants for lunch each day and found various shops and markets to buy eggs (be careful not to buy the ones with baby chicks instead of unfertilized yolks), bread, and fruit for breakfast.


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