Ha Long Bay – by Anna

On day 75 we arrived in Vietnam. Vietnam is officially my favorite place we have been so far. It was 100 degrees in mid November!! We went on a cruise in Ha Long Bay. The first day of the cruise we went kayaking and swimming. On the second day we went to a Pearl Farm where we watched them put fake pearls in oysters so that they would coat them in real pearl. So if you ever buy pearl jewelry just know that it is most likely not a complete pearl but a ball made of oyster shell coated in pearl. On the second day we also went kayaking again. Then we went swimming, not on a beach but anchored in the middle of the bay, and we got to jump off the top of the boat.  It was about a 15 foot drop to the water. After the cruise we got on a train to Hoi An. It was a 16 hour train ride and we swear that the rail was made by drunk people. That was the bumpiest, shakiest, swayiest (I’m gonna say it’s a word) track ever!!  It was 16 hours of nonstop bump after bump after bump. We are not even going to talk about trying to walk down the train car to use the bathroom. And we are DEFINITELY not going to talk about trying to squat over a constantly moving toilet (it was hilarious, and messy).-SLaff  🙂


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