Hoi An

We spent days 80 through 88 in Hoi An, Vietnam.    It is a beautiful port town on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.  Hoi An is best known by tourists for its inexpensive hand-made-to-order clothing.  We did not have any clothes made (long trip — small bags), but enjoyed our visit immensely. This was our first experience with the hot, tropical weather.  By the third day we were convinced that waking up with the 5am town announcements over the loudspeaker outside the bedroom window was not the worst thing ever (we certainly thought so the first two mornings).  Our daily routine turned into: up at daylight, back to the room for schoolwork and afternoon nap, then out again in the evening.  I have divided the photos into three categories: the beach, the town, and the countryside.

The Beach

The Town

Hoi An seems to be a bit of a haven for artists.  The shops are full of fantastic local crafts.

The Countryside.

We biked around the area a few mornings.  We did not get lost (like in China), but we did have to brave the unpredictable traffic.  Biking around the countryside turned out to be my favorite activity in China and Vietnam.  Life there is such a contrast to my regular life.


2 thoughts on “Hoi An

  1. Brad Jones

    This looks like a wonderful place. The shoreline, palm trees, beautiful town, friendly people. I’m glad we have become friends with Vietnam.

    1. 4laffs Post author

      The Vietnamese people are amazing. It is a credit to their resilience that a mere 40 years after over a century of war, they have chosen to look forward instead of dwelling on the past.

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