Our First Week (by Anna)

8/30 – First day of the trip we had to wake up at 4:30am, 4:30!!!!!!! TERRIBLE. The plane got to New York at about 9:30am, but the plane for Sweden leaves at 9:30pm. We will be sitting in the airport for 12 hours. We gave Polly (my dog) to my cousins yesterday, they will be taking care of Polly while we are gone. We gave Katrice (my cat) to my uncle roughly 2 weeks ago.  I already miss my pets.

Polly Pic

Polly Pic

9/1- Today we went to the Royal Palace of Sweden.  It was HUGE!  From the outside it looks like a shoebox, therefore the Swedish nicknamed it “the shoebox”.  Even though the outside was not the best looking, inside was beautiful.  We took a tour of the palace apartments and treasury.  Then we went on a tour of downtown Stockholm.  Downtown Stockholm was very pretty.  We stood in the narrowest alleyway in Europe (called the Mårten Trotzigs gränd), or at least it was the narrowest a couple of years ago. 🙂

Mårten Trotzigs gränd

Mårten Trotzigs gränd

My cut looks terrible

My cut looks terrible

9/2- Today we went to the doctor. Because I have an infected cut on my leg. The infection makes little red bumps all over my body. More pop up every day. I have some on my legs and arms.

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13 thoughts on “Our First Week (by Anna)

  1. Carolyn Jones

    I loved the photo of Anna straddling the street in Stockholm. Hope her leg is better soon. Sounds like your first week was amazing. Look forward to further updates.

  2. Genetta Lafferty

    Great pic of you. How’s your leg now? Just to keep you updated, Polly has made herself right at home, and Mercedi loves Katrice. I will help you keep up with them.. There are many narrow alley ways in Europe, this one looks Pretty small. How’s Paris? It was one of my favorite cities ever! Eat lots of Bagett’s for me! Keep posting, love to hear from you. Love ya, stay safe. Gigi

    1. Anna Lafferty

      Thank you for the update on Polly and Katrice. I’m glad they are settling in nicely. And my leg is feeling much better. The Doctor is making me take gigantic horse pills. But other than that Sweden and Paris are both amazing.

  3. Sara Pittman

    Anna B,
    I sure hope your leg is better soon!
    I wanted you to know that Polly is quite content. She just realized that the chickens actually belong in our yard, so she no longer chases them when she goes outside!
    She’s also become a great friend for Ranger. Since our poor old dog can no longer hear well, she has taken on the roll as primary door bell!!!
    Love you,
    Aunt Sara

    1. Anna Lafferty

      Thank you for the update on Polly. I’m glad she is not chasing your chickens any more. And my leg is feeling much better. Thanks Aunt Sara!

  4. james upchurch

    I’ve decided from your pic that I can’t fit down the alleys there. Keep eating everything, get more pics of your food. I’m interested. Tell your dad he didn’t miss anything in American football. Pittsburg lost, Dallas won.

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