A Little Piece of Paradise

I wanted to share a few pictures of the countryside of Normandy, France.  Normandy is a peninsula populated by farms (mostly dairy).  The old farmhouses, stone fences, rolling landscape, and beaches make a spectacular backdrop for our stay.

Our backyard

Our farmhouse. 🙂 Our portion of the house is all the way to the right of the picture. It had a bedroom, shower, and kitchen downstairs and a bedroom and toilet upstairs.



Blackberries blooming in October. They taste different than our blackberries in the South — very sweet, not at all tart.


Makeshift fence.


The holes were made by bombing raids in WWII.


Anna charms animals wherever she goes.






And more cows. Normandy is famous for their dairy. We stayed next door to a dairy, watched the afternoon milking, and took home fresh-from-the-cow milk to drink.


Stone fences and farmhouses.


The ivy on the house in the distance is changing over to red. These old farmhouses are beautiful.




Pointe Du Hoc. Army Rangers scaled this wall under heavy artillery fire.


Mont St. Michel in the distance.

These final pictures are of us exploring tide pools at Cap de la Hague for Andrew’s 40th Birthday!


DSC04040 DSC03967 DSC03954 DSC03953 DSC03941 DSC03921

-KLaff – 10/15/15

6 thoughts on “A Little Piece of Paradise

  1. Mike Jones

    Wonderful pictures. My Dad commented on the cows from his D-Day experiences. Said since he was the country boy he milked a lot of them who were in pain from missing their milking–filled a lot of canteen cups for his buddies.

    1. 4laffs Post author

      Exactly right Brad. You are reminded often here though, with so many museums and monuments. In fact, you get the feeling that in this region they will never forget the sacrifices made. There are monuments thanking Americans and the other Allies in nearly every small town and village.

  2. Hollis Collier

    Just found out about your adventures and web site. I had the pleasure of visiting Normandy on an audit several years ago. What an amazing place. Can’t wait to explore the rest of your web site. Best regards to you and your family.

    1. 4laffs Post author

      Thanks Hollis. Good to hear from you. We enjoyed Normandy very much. Actually, if we ever make it back to France, we think we would spend much more time in the countryside (as they call it) than we would in Paris. Thanks for the note, and keep in touch.

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