Sweden Costs

Well, Sweden was awesome.  As we sit here in Paris now, I have finally put together all of the costs for the jaunt to Scandinavia.  There were a few outstanding items that I went ahead and included.  I suppose if I am rationalizing this RTW-ish trip as the same cost as staying home for a year or so, I need to count it all.  So this time, Miscellaneous includes Anna’s medical treatment and SIM card purchases.  However, full insurance and vaccinations would not have been needed for this short trip, so I will probably include them when I post China’s costs.  Here are a few more disclaimers and definitions that I will use going forward:

  • Days – Includes the first day of arrival, but not the last day at a location, since we arrive somewhere else.
  • Getting Here – All costs of flights, trains, buses, transfers, etc. to get to the first lodging.
  • Getting Around – All of the above costs before leaving for the next city.
  • Food – All munchies.
  • Attractions – Anything we pay to do (thanks for the pay toilets, Europe).
  • Misc – Everything else.
  • * – I will note anything unusual under the totals, and each location will get its own column.

With all of that out of the way, enjoy…



*Unusual items – Anna’s medical at $240, SIM card at $26.

The Getting Here amount has us in Europe, so the next leg to France will be much lower.  It’s still pretty good for a family of 4.  Actually, that includes insurance on the flight because we had not bought our full trip insurance yet.  The 5-day stay was a bit pricey, it’s true, but these were hotel and restaurant costs instead of apartment and kitchen costs (like in Paris), and I still remember spending more at Disney World. – ALaff 9/13/15

P.S. – If you decide to do this yourself, know that travel medical and emergency insurance covers pre-existing conditions only if you buy the insurance before you book any reservations.  Be sure to buy your insurance FIRST for the best chance at full coverage.

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