The Eiffel Tower (by Caleb)

9/13/15 – As I am writing this I have been in Paris for about a week, and we have been to many great places. Today I am going to talk about the Eiffel Tower. Getting to the top is a bit of an ordeal. In order to get to the top you first need to wait in line for an hour to get a ticket. Then, go through the airport style security and wait another 10 minutes to get in an elevator. In the


The Eiffel Tower really is beautiful at night.

elevator, you are stuck for 3 minutes with no elbow room like sardines. After that you have to change elevators on the second floor, and get on an even smaller elevator with the same amount of people. Once you get to the top of the tower, you are confronted with a stunning view of the cityscape and you will stay up there for 10 minutes before coming back down the same way you got up. But I have some good news –┬áthere is a travel hack!! If you climb the stairs to the first floor of the tower, you can skip the ticket line at the bottom and buy a ticket with no line on the first floor; that will get you to the top.

There is a restaurant on the first floor where you an enjoy some wine, cheese, and bread. That’s the entire menu because… France!!! On the second floor you can get some more wine because evidently towers are better with wine. You can also get some keychains for a small fortune. On the third floor/top you can buy some vintage Eiffel Tower champagne to wash down your wines for another small fortune. There is a bit of a theme with France.

Thank you for reading my second rant of the trip. I hope you enjoyed. Remember to follow me on Instagram @laffertycaleb. – CLaff

The view from the top is amazing.

The view from the top is amazing.

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