A Walk Around Yangshuo

Some things are worth the effort.  The train from Xian to Guilin was 27 hours of bumps and trying not to track whatever was around the squat toilet back into our cabin.  After a bit of worry and wait, we found the driver and took another terrifying 90 minute drive from the train station to arrive in Yangshuo around midnight. We were definitely worn out on the night of our 59th day of travel, but as soon as it was daylight, I realized that we had arrived in a fairytale land. I can think of no other way to describe the scene that surrounded us. Intricately designed buildings with mountains (technically karst formations) on all sides. Pictures say a thousand words, so I will show you about a thousand pictures from our time around town. – KLaff












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    1. 4laffs Post author

      Hello Thom! Thanks for the comment. I hope you and your large group had a great time with the rest of your adventure. Tell the little one we said hello!

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