Biking the Yangshuo Countryside

After our walk around the city, we decided to see the countryside via bicycles on days 65 and 67 of the trip.  Armed with a map and the  directions “always keep the river on your left” we set out to find the 600 year old Dragon Bridge.  The directions and map were not adequate. It took us two adventurous days to find it.  We biked over roads, through fields, and along rocky paths for hours (all the time not venturing more than 5 miles from our hotel). Most of the pictures below show pretty paved roads, because that is the only time I was confident enough to take pictures and bike at the same time.  Biking the countryside and getting a glimpse of the incredible spirit of the rural Chinese people are a few of my favorite days in China.

We then had to bike back to Yangshuo!  Our Arkansas friends caught a ride on the bus due to a flat tire, but we decided to continue on the bikes.  The scenery and culture around us were too good to miss.  Through all the frustrating wrong turns and lack of good directions or map, I really had a blast.  I know I speak for everyone in the family.  🙂  — KLaff

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